Production starts by a careful selection of a AISI 420 stainless steel plate, added with a little quantity of carbon: this is the best solution for rust resistance, sharpening preservation and reliability.
The shape of the knife is obtained through numerical control precision laser cutting of the steel plate and subsequently subjected to a specific hardening process which gives it an exceptional hardness up to 55 HRC Rockwell.
The knife so worked is controlled and hand-sharpened and finally initiated to a special finish which purifies the surface layer, improving both the aesthetics and corrosion resistance.

Data sheet:

Total knife length: 170 mm
Blade length: 85 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Total thickness (with sheath): 13 mm

Weight with sheath: 110 g
Knife weight: 70 gr

Mechanical characteristics:
Steel: AISI 420 hardened
Hardness: 55 HRC Rockwell
Sharpening smooth and serrated - Fast cut

The tip has a piece of fake sharpening, as required by current EU legislation for the free sale (without patent).

Production 100% Made in Italy